PTR 1.32.6 : Modifications d'équilibrage supplémentaires pour le Seigneur des cryptes

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Comme l'indique Kaivax dans un message publié il y a quelques instants, le PTR 1.32.6 fermera ses portes la semaine prochaine. Quelques modifications d'équilibrage supplémentaires accompagneront le déploiement de la mise à jour sur les serveurs live. Retrouvez-les en détails ci-dessous.

Crypt Lord

  • Unit cast point increased from 0.4 to 0.5.
  • Carrion Beetles ability cooldown increased from 6 seconds to 9 seconds.
    • Additional developers’ notes: There is some concern that Crypt Lords may be able to reach maximum beetle count a little too quickly, especially during combat. We’re increasing the cooldown of the ability to slow this down a bit. The new Impale is also now so responsive that it can be difficult to discern when the ability actually casts. Increasing the casting point makes the ability fire roughly when the Crypt Lord’s talons hit the ground. Additionally, for high-micro players who enjoy mindtricks, this allows more time to try and ‘false’ cast the ability though a Stop command mid animation.

Pendant of Energy

  • Mana provided decreased from 150 to 100.
    • Additional developers’ notes: Alongside the Greater Mana Potion, the Pendant of Energy often gets feedback that it provides too much mana for where the item shows up on the item drop table. With feedback regarding the Greater Mana Potion change being favorable, we feel that we can also address this item by reducing the mana provided.

Breath of Frost

  • Size and shape of the ability altered to match Breath of Fire.
    • Additional developers’ notes: This ability is solely used by the Blue Dragonspawn Overseer. In the past, this ability’s visual looked like a cone, just like Breath of Fire, but was actually using the size and shape of Shockwave. This has now been adjusted to use the same size and shape as Breath of Fire.

Breath of Fire (Brewmaster)

  • Starting projectile size increased from 120 to 125 at level 2, matches level 1 and 3 starting size.
    • Additional developers’ notes: This legacy bug has not caused any observable issues, however we wanted to clean up the discrepancy between levels.
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