Ouverture du PTR 1.36.1 : Modifications d'équilibrage et améliorations diverses

Arkentass | 19/10/2023 à 20h50 - 4

Le PTR 1.36.1 de Warcraft III : Reforged ouvre à l'instant ses portes. Celui-ci apporte plusieurs modifications d'équilibrage pour les différentes classes ainsi que diverses améliorations, une nouvelle rotation des cartes et des changements pour les horaires des Tournois. Retrouvez les détails dans le patch notes ci-dessous.

Patch notes PTR 1.36.1


  • Added Save/Load Functionality back to online games (does not apply to Ranked Matches).
  • Enabled the ability to view Hero’s XP bar by hovering the mouse over the bar in the selection panel in Observer Mode.
  • Added the ability to View Profile for your teammates and opponents in the Tournament Result screen.


  • Fixed a crash that would primarily happen on the Fall of Silvermoon where a VFX would try playing on a different game thread.
  • Fixed an issue where voice language and text were not interchangeable.
  • Fixed an issue where Tech Tree requirements won’t work for custom requirements.
  • Fixed an issue where custom Item Actions would not work in the world editor.
  • Fixed an issue where the match processing screen would time out consistently.
  • Fixed an issue where updating a sound on the Sound Editor would cause an issue with file generation.
  • Fixed an issue where the campaign would skip scores and then the game client would freeze.
  • Fixed an issue where campaign difficulty resets to normal on the next level.
  • Fixed an issue where custom loading screens would not load properly.
  • Fixed an issue where subfolders in the campaign folder would cause a crash.
  • Fixed an issue where players would disconnect when trying to retrieve their match history data.
  • Fixed an issue where Blizzard would be listed as the player list in replays.
  • Fixed an issue where AT Elimination matches were not being processed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where viewing profiles would have no information while the Tournament Results screen is active.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tournament Results screen would be briefly visible when entering an Elimination game.
  • Fixed an issue where the countdown until the next Tournament would not properly start.
  • Fixed an issue where the Escape shortcut was not functional in the Tournament Results screen.
  • Fixed some issues where users would get kicked from matchmaking as they entered an Elimination game.
  • Fixed an issue where Elimination Bracket UI lines would not line up properly.
  • Fixed an issue where Bye victories were not being added to your profile.
  • Fixed an issue where Allies tab text was inconsistent.



  • Militia duration increased from 40 to 42.5 seconds.
  • Bash Bonus Damage increased from 25 to 25/50/75.
  • Devotion Aura increased from 2/3.5/5 to 3/6/9.
  • Mountain King movement speed reduced from 290 to 280.
  • Paladin movement speed reduced from 290 to 280.

Night Elf

  • Druid of the talon cost increased from 135 to 145.
  • Immolation activation cost increased from 1 to 5.
  • Immolation mana activation requirement increased from 9 to 10.
  • Warden blink cooldown reduced from 10/7/4 to 10/5/2.5.
  • Fan of Knives max total damage 300/625/950 to 480/800/1200.


  • Spiked Carapace melee damage returned increased from 15/25/35 to 15/30/45%.
  • Spiked Carapace bonus armor increased from 3/5/7 to 4/8/12.
  • Raise dead cost reduced from 75 to 50 mana.
  • Cripple cost reduced from 125 to 100 mana.
  • Skeletal Mastery cost reduced from 200/175 to 150/100.
  • Nerubian Tower cooldown increased from 1 to 1.5.
  • Crypt Lord movement speed reduced from 290 to 280.
  • Dread Lord movement speed reduced from 290 to 280.
  • Lich movement speed reduced from 290 to 280.


  • Bladestorm damage increased from 110 damage per second to 160 damage per second.
  • Spirit Walker Build time reduced from 38 seconds to 33 seconds.
  • Spirit Walker Adept Training reduced from 60 to 45.
  • Spirit Walker Master Training reduced from 75 to 60.
  • Steel Armor Upgrade Lumber Increment Reduced from 150 to 125.
  • Steel Melee Weapon Melee Lumber increment reduced from 100 to 75.
  • Steel Ranged Weapons Lumber increment reduced from 100 to 75.
  • Tauren Chieftain movement speed reduced from 290 to 280.


  • Alchemist movement speed reduced from 290 to 280.
  • Goblin Tinker movement speed reduced from 290 to 280.
  • Naga Sea Switch movement speed reduced from 290 to 280.
  • Pandaren Brew Master movement speed reduced from 290 to 280.


  • Circlet item level reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Tomb of Retraining now has a stock of 2 charges in the shop.
  • Rusty Mining Pick (Grants +1 damage and a 15% chance to Bash) added as a level 3 item.

Map Pool

  • 1v1, 2v2, 4v4, and FFA Map Pools have been updated.


After looking at recent tournament activity and experimenting with different timezones to cater to multiple regions, in this patch we’re adjusting the tournament schedule so that it will now rotate time zones each week, in a four-week cycle.

We’re also moving away from the more specific tournament types to cater to a wider audience per tournament.

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Source : Blizzard
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