Les répliques en version originale

Les répliques débiles de Frozen Throne

Un grand merci à EvilDeath pour son fichier reprenant toutes ces répliques. Les répliques en gras sont celles qui sont les débiles, les autres sont plus du texte ordinaire. Ces infos viennent de la version 304a de la beta, certaines choses pourront donc être modifiées d'ici la sortie du jeu.

Merci également à MetalGear pour la mise à jour de cette page, avec l'ajout de pas mal de phrases ;)

Les Morts-Vivants

Le Crypt Lord
  • The Scourge will devour all.
  • It was good to be the king.
  • Who said Blizzard games don’t have any bugs ?
  • Humans check in, they don’t check out.
  • Time is fleeting.
  • I serve only the Frozen Throne.
  • Speak.
  • The strands of destiny weave only a web of death.
  • I’m the fifth beatle.
  • My might cannot be matched.
  • I have heard the summons.
  • From the deeps I come.
Les autres unités des Morts-Vivants ne disent pas un traître mot.

Les Elfes de la Nuit

Le Warden
  • Let me investigate.
  • Ash falla nore.
  • I shall be your executioner.
  • Only the guilty need to fear me.
  • Justice may be blind, but I’m not.
  • Truth, justice and a Night Elf way.
  • You think you’re above the law ?
  • What we have here is a failure to communicate.
  • I hold you in contempt.
  • He’s no good to me if he’s dead.
  • Have you reached a verdict ?
  • Fen tai delle lum.
  • I am the iron hand of justice.
  • I can taste their fear.
  • Justice shall be swift.
  • Let justice be served.
  • I am the law.
  • Justice has come.
Les autres unités des Elfes de la Nuit ne disent pas un traître mot.

Les Orcs

Le Shadow Hunter
  • Who do I kill first ?
  • Direct my bled.
  • Use my power.
  • Keepin’ it real, up in the field.
  • The Commander is a fool.
  • Call me your (pre-reading) (pas sûr de ça).
  • You’re the baddest soul in town, man.
  • Humans they think they know everything.
  • You lack discipline.
  • Stop whining.
  • Oooh baby.
  • Where are my enemies hidden?
  • Look at me, I'm happy.
  • Want to see something real scary ?
  • Who be my next victim ?
  • Move faster.
  • It be a pleasure.
  • Tastigo Man !

Le Batrider
  • Ya, ya what is it ?
  • Yo, cri de chauve-souris.
  • What you want me to burn ?
  • Hey shut up, the bat can’t hear where he’s going.
  • I can see your house, burning !
  • Nananananana (air de Batman) ah ME !
  • My balls are burning, cri de chauve-souris.
  • We be listening.
  • Tell my wife... bruit d’explosion.
  • The ends justify the means.

Le Spirit Walker
  • Spirits surrounds me.
  • I answer the call.
  • I dreamed of this.
  • Death is not the end.
  • We’re all spirits in the material world.
  • I say all gonna make me lose my mind up in here.
  • My hoof and your ass have an appointment.
  • Fear my mood of fury, miaoooow.
  • Yes the spirits are talking to me, (bruit de pet). Oh yes, they’re coming in clearly, (bruit de pet). Ah now they’re forming into a gaseous material, (bruit de pet). I can actually see them now, (bruit de pet). The spirits are very powerful today.
  • What troubles you ?
  • I am one with the earth.

Les Humains

Le Blood Mage
  • I am here, mortal.
  • Do you see something ?
  • Evil is near.
  • I shara dor.
  • The spirital bores me.
  • The blood of the High borns is my birth right.
  • The ghost of Quel'Thalas cry out for vengeance.
  • I find your insolence disturbing.
  • If you don’t master your anger, you anger will master you. I should know.
  • My blood cries out for the vengeance of my people’s blood. Which can only be repaid with at least two times as much blood or maybe even three times as much blood. Like if you would go to Hell and it was full of blood and that blood was on fire and the sky was raining blood and maybe that would be enough blood. But probably not.
  • Hi, my name is Roy, I'm a magic addict, ... Là, plusieurs voix répondent "Hi Roy" (à la façon 'alcooliques anonymes')

Le Spell Breaker
  • Be quick, time is mana.
  • Get on with it.
  • I thirst for magic.
  • The Blood elves await.
  • I’m a magic man, I’ve got magic hands.
  • I never stole any buffs, I have receipts for everything.
  • I smell magic in the air... or maybe barbecue.
  • I stole your precious.
  • Yeah, you can get a nickel for boosting Star Fall, but jacking heels at 10 stint at county. Now lifting fairy fire, they just let you go for that, it’s not even worth the paper work. But reincarnation, man, I don’t get your life.
  • Your magic is mine.

Le Dragonhawk Rider
  • What is it ?
  • Where must we fly ?
  • My powers are ready.
  • Be quick, human.
  • Prepare to fly.
  • Permission to buzz the tower.
  • I’ll hit the brakes and fly right by.
  • Tell Blizzard I’d make a great action figure.
  • That’s right pal, Adin, I am dangerous.
  • Get that filthy cursor away from me.
  • We’re currently hovering at comfortable altitude of 15 feet.
  • Bruit de chèvre. What’s a mountain goat doing up here? Pow.
  • Cri de la chauve-souris et du villageois. Drop the villager. Drop it, drop it. Cris de la chauve-souris. Splat. (pendant ce temps on entend le villageois souffrir)
Le Phoenix ne dit rien.

Les Héros Neutres
  • Le Pandaren Brewmaster
  • Is trouble brewing ?
  • Name your poison.
  • Ale is my bare necessity.
  • Last call before closing.
  • Come drown your sorrows.
  • This will put ale all over you.
  • I’d kiss you, but I’ve got a puke breath.
  • My dad, he was a bipolar.
  • I can’t breed in captivity.
  • (rot) Sorry.
  • Now YOU endangered.
  • I bring Pandamonium.

Le Dark Ranger
  • Direct my hatred.
  • Let the living beware.
  • My bow is ready.
  • I will aid you.
  • I hate what I’ve become.
  • The living haunt me.
  • Men are from Mars, I’m from a grave.
  • I went on a job interview the other day and they were like : ‘‘Aaah, what’s that smell?’’ and I was like ‘‘Oh, sorry it’s me.’’ And then they said they didn’t think I’d be able to fit in with the other employees because they’re living and I’m, you know, dead and I wouldn’t be a team player. But then I told them I could work 24 hours and they said : ‘‘Alright, you could work on the graveyard shift.’’
  • Let fantom arrows fly.
  • I'm here as always.
  • You're the lucky one.

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