Liste des problèmes connus de Warcraft III : Reforged

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Warcraft III : Reforged sera lancé dans quelques heures. Kaivax vient de mettre en ligne la liste des problèmes connus. Gardez à l'esprit que celle-ci n'est pas exhaustive mais regroupe les soucis principaux sur lesquels les développeurs travaillent actuellement.


  • The Loading screen may transition to a black screen if other players are taking longer to load.
  • Ancients ordered to Root do not have a placement sprite.
  • Structures or units that go through an upgrade or transformation do not abide by the rules of ally color mode.


  • Logging in and then out may cause issues with Campaign save data location (game may think you are a new player and start a new save location).
    • We recommend you restart the game after a lost connection.
  • Non-latin characters may overlap at times in campaign dialogue.


  • Custom Maps greater than 256mb will break game lobbies.


  • An error will occur when trying to save options in Offline Mode.


  • The game does not transition gracefully when changing resolution while in Fullscreen.
  • Command + Tab will help achieve the proper aesthetic and correct a related issue with drag select.
  • Custom Keybinds don’t work with non-US keyboards.
  • You are unable to invite friends to play a custom game when playing cross platform.
  • Menu UI experiences low performance at 1440p and above.

World Editor

  • JassHelper doesn’t close when the World Editor is closed.
  • A few Reforged neutral units are invisible.
  • A few doodads are using placeholder cubes.
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